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This month, Prince Street celebrates TRIUMPH with tough and touching stories about hard-won victories. We travel to Bangkok, Haiti, and even into the mind of John Malkovich, to hear how our guests transform their lives--and the lives of others--through food. 

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Dan Giusti's Kitchen Brigaid

As the head chef of Noma in Copenhagen, Dan Giusti, a New Jersey native, cooked some of the most exciting, groundbreaking dishes anywhere. But last year, he announced he'd be leaving the esteemed restaurant with an entirely different goal in mind: to right the wrongs of school lunch programs in America. Recently, Dan started serving more than 1000 students a day in blue collar New London, Connecticut. His mission: to make thoughtful, nutritious and sustainable meals on an institutional budget. Prince Street's Gabe Ulla joined Dan on his first day as a school chef. "Could this be a disaster?" asked Gabe. Listen in to find out. 

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Segment 2
Blue Marble Dreams: Haiti

When Alexis Gallivan opened her first ice cream shop, Blue Marble, in Brooklyn, in 2007, she hardly knew the challenges ahead. As an entrepreneur, she'd end up opening more locations, but following a very unconventional business plan. Through her non-profit, Blue Marble Dreams, Gallivan launched a scoop shop in Butare, Rwanda in 2010, helping to empower local women with new jobs and creating a place to gather in a post-war community still on the mend. With the Rwanda experience under her belt, Gallavin set out on a new challenge: starting an ice cream business in one of the poorest countries in the Western hemisphere, Haiti. Correspondent Maura Kutner Walters catches up with Gallivan to discuss how her latest project, three years in the making, nearly broke her and how last minute labor issues put everything in jeopardy. 

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Segment 3
Eden Eats NYC at The Cecil

This month on Eden Eats NYC, Eden Grinshpan visits chef Joseph "JJ" Johnson at The Cecil in Harlem to learn all about his passion for Afro-Asian cuisine and how migrant workers from China and Vietnam left their culinary mark on foods in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal. JJ explains how it was a trip to Ghana that transformed his cooking. He teaches Eden some of what he learned there, like how to make creamy West African Peanut sauce, spicy piri piri and the secrets to his yasa. Bird's eye chili, garlic, okra and shallots make compelling cameos as Eden and JJ get ready to cook Nigerian roasted prawns. 

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Segment 4
Gaggan Anand and David Gelb

Before opening his namesake restaurant in Bangkok, and being crowned Asia's best chef, Gaggan Anand endured a series of personal disasters in his native India. An Emmy-nominated episode of the Netflix series Chef's Table captured his triumphant story, and the beauty of his avant-garde, Indian-inspired cuisine.  Prince Street's Howie Kahn joins Gaggan and Chef's Table creator, David Gelb and discovers there is even more to the tale, including an unexpected friendship that would change the chef's life. Who is Gaggan's confidant and where's the chef going next? Press play for those answers and more. 

Photo by Michael Halsband.

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Segment 5
John Malkovich

Ask John Malkovich what food triggers powerful memories and you'll get the kind of answer that only John Malkovich could give. It's existential. It's jiggly. And once you hear it, you won't forget it. 

Photo: Christian Coigny

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Dan Giusti's Kitchen Brigaid
Blue Marble Dreams: Haiti
Eden Eats NYC at The Cecil
Gaggan Anand and David Gelb
John Malkovich's Madeleine Moment


05 October 2016

This month, Prince Street celebrates TRIUMPH with tough and touching stories about hard-won victories. We travel to Bangkok, Haiti, and even into the mind of John Malkovich, to hear how our guests transform their lives--and the lives of others--through food. Dan Giusti left Noma in Copenhagen, and an ongoing gastronomic revolution there, to launch a movement of his own: fixing the problem of public school lunches in America. We're with him for his very first lunch service and discover why cooking for kids is the hardest thing he's ever done. Alexis Gallivan is on a mission to help empower women in 3rd world countries. Hear how she's doing it with desserts in Port Au Prince, and why working in Haiti is even tougher than in Rwanda. At the Cecil in Harlem, Eden Grinshpan learns from chef Joseph "JJ" Johnson about the history of Afro-Asian cuisine, and how to cook this spicy food that New Yorkers are lining up for. Howie Kahn goes behind the scenes of this year's Emmy-nominated episode of Chef's Table to hear how the filmmaker David Gelb changed the life of Asia's top rated chef Gaggan Anand.

And for a dietary triumph (of sorts), John Malkovich joins us from Paris to talk about... being, and eating, and the one food that taught him he could do anything he put his mind to.

October 2016

Executive Producer: Charles Finch
Producer: Elisabeth Robinson
Executive in Charge of Production: Julien Planté
Segment Producers: Rob Corso and Rose Reid
With thanks to Natalya Guzenko Boudier for the interview with John Malkovich in Paris

Editor in Chief: Howie Kahn

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