Episode 33

Four great writers—and speakers—on how to eat, how to write and what foods and food issues should be on our minds today. 

Milk is one of the most controversial foods in history. Mark Kurlansky (author of more than 30 books, including bestsellers Cod and Salt) and Blue Hill’s Dan Barber (author of the ground-breaking book The Third Plate) debate, debunk and discuss GMO, raw, grass vs. grain, sheep vs donkey, and other fascinating questions raised in Mark’s latest brilliant deep dive, Milk! A 10,000 Year Old Food Fracas.

The New Yorker’s new weekly food critic, Hannah Goldfield discusses the role of restaurant criticism today with author Bianca Bosker (Cork Dork). How does Goldfield choose her subjects for her 'Talk of the Town for restaurants'?  What will next year's big ingredient be? What does she hate and what, after thousands of restaurant meals does she always crave? 

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'There is no evidence that milk makes you big and strong' author Mark Kurlansky told Blue Hill's Dan Barber in this provocative and lively discussion about one of the world's oldest and most persistent food controversies. Is raw or pasteurized better for you? Grain vs. grass? And why cow's milk anyway? Why not donkey or sheep?  Like Kurlansky's previous bestsellers, Cod and Salt, Milk! is essential reading. Dan Barber (author of the equally essential The Third Palate) is one of the most impassioned authorities on the future of food. Their conversation is unmissable.

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Why Chefs Fear this Woman 

Hannah Goldfield is the New Yorker's new food critic. After countless meals, what does a NYC food critic crave? What does she really hate? And why should you trust her review? Bianca Bosker (author of brilliant bestseller Cork Dork) goes behind the scenes (but not in disguise) to get some answers.

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Why Chefs Fear this Woman 


13 August 2018

August 2018


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